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April/May 2007
The live race area opens on the 17th April . To follow our progress through the training and then the race (due to start around 27th April ) , click the polar challenge icon below on this page or on the home page . This will direct you to the "Polar Challenge" home page. From here there should be a live race area link to diaries , video, images and a map tracing our position on the ice. Look out for "Team Polarity" . Once the race starts we will be sending in daily reports and positions via satellite phone to Resolute which will be then posted on the Polar Challenge web-site.

Gabrielle Finn - Polar Challenge 2007
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Live Race Area - Team Polarity
Click on sunshine below to get temperature in Resolute where we start the challenge. Remember to read the temperature with wind chill !!

I will not be contactable from the 17th April. My mobile phone does not work out there. If you would like to send a good luck message to any of the check points , please use the e-mail address below. Polar Challenge cannot guarantee I will receive it but they will do their best to get any messsages to me.

If all goes according to plan , then I shall be returning around 17th May and will look forward to a pint with all my friends and family.